2020 Tournament Schedule

2020 Rules and Regulations

1. Teams may consist of up to four members.   

2. One team member must be at least 18 years of age. All members of a registered team must fish from the same vessel.  

3. Kids 15 and under fish for FREE but count toward the 4 angler team.  Kids 5 and under do not count towards the teams limit. 

4. In the event of an unforeseen situation that would result in a  team composed entirely of non-members, and if this team finishes in the  top 3 for the tournament, one membership fee will be deducted from the  team’s winnings.  

5. Non-members may fish no more than two tournaments a calendar year.  

6.  Entry fees are 1 angler  $50.00, 2 anglers $70.00, 3 anglers  $90.00 and 4 angles  $110.00 . Each additional angler non-member must pay a $5 non-member fee. (This fee will go toward  the 90% payout with 10% being held in reserve for the Angler of The Year Purse and will not go toward a membership purchased at a later  date)  $10 per team will will go towards the Luck of the Draw at each weigh-in,must be present to win.

7.  All entry fees must be paid either in person or by our site and Paypal  by set safe light time. Time for Paypal will be based on time email is  received from Paypal. It is the participants responsibility to ensure  that they are registered on time by confirming with the tournament  director.  

8.  Entry fees are non-refundable. The only exception to this is in the  event that a tournament is postponed or cancelled by the Tournament  Director.  

9. In the event a tournament is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be rescheduled by the Tournament Director.  

10. The Tournament Director reserves the right to make all decisions regarding the safe operation of a tournament.  

11.  Each captain is responsible for the safe operation of his or her vessel  and must comply with all federal and state regulations governing such  operation.  

12.  Tournaments will begin at safe daylight, as determined by the  Tournament Director. Anglers may launch their boats  before safe daylight. For non-ramp specific tournaments, they may not go  above idle speed and cannot have lines in the water until safe  daylight. Safe daylight is defined as 30 minutes before sunrise. This  time will be posted on bigbendfishing.net, nfgfc.org, and mentioned at  the Thursday meeting before the tournament each month, any  team that is on plane before the designated time will be penalized as follows: Up to 5 minutes  before- 25% of total stringer weight. Over 5 minutes to 15 minutes before-  50% of total stringer weight. Over 15 minutes before - no credit for the  day’s catch  

13.  Tournament conclusion time will be 4:00 p.m. At least one member of  each team must check in with the Tournament Director by this time. Any  team that checks in late will be penalized as follows: Up to 5 minutes  late- 25% of total stringer weight. Over 5 minutes to 15 minutes late-  50% of total stringer weight. Over 15 minutes late - no credit for the  day’s catch  

14.  Each team is allowed to weigh one person’s legal bag limit for the  specified tournament species. Only fish of legal harvest size, according  to State law, will be accepted at the weigh in. Questionable fish will  be measured by the Tournament Director. Any  angler that brings an illegal fish to the scale to be measured will be  immediately disqualified from the tournament (including all side pots)  and the team will receive ZERO points, the tournament will not count as a drop in the AOY standings.  

15.  If a team brings a legal fish to the scale but does not qualify for the  tournament standards, the fish will be removed from the teams bag and  will not be allowed to replace the fish. (ex. If a team of 2 or more  anglers brings 2 over slot trout to the scale, that would not be  considered illegal. A 1 man team however would be immediately  disqualified due to possessing an illegal fish).   

16. Only recreational limits may be kept during tournaments. Commercial limits are not allowed.  

17.  All measurements will be done using a club provided Checkit Stick. Any angler may use the ruler to measure their own fish, but  no courtesy measure will be provided.   

18.  Only fish taken by hook and line are eligible for weigh in.  Electrically driven reels on freestanding rods (Electramates) are  acceptable. Mounted winch devices (one armed bandits), motor driven long  lines, spearing, Gigging, netting, shooting (including bang sticks), or  any method of catching fish in violation of Florida or U.S. laws are  prohibited. Use of any illegal method for catching fish will result in  disqualification from the tournament of all entrants on the violating  team.  

19. All weights are final. Fish will not be weighed more than once.  

20.  In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the weight of the teams’ largest fish.  If still tied, the tie will be broken by the weight of the teams’ second  largest fish. The process will continue until the tie is broken.  

21. Teams are allowed to use live, dead, or artificial bait considered legal by the laws of the State of Florida.  

22. No team may approach another team on the water any closer than 100 feet unless under mutual agreement by both teams.  

23. Contestants may not exit their vessel to fish.  

24. All participants must possess a valid Florida Saltwater Fishing License when applicable to Florida State Law.  

25.  All team members are expected to conduct themselves in a safe,  courteous and professional manner at all times. The Tournament Committee  will have the final say in all conduct matters.  

26.  The Tournament Director may implement additional tournament specific  rules and restrictions for individual tournaments. Entrants are  responsible for understanding rules for each tournament.  

27.  The Tournament Director will determine location for draw tournaments.  The Tournament Director or a designated representative will conduct the  draw.  

28. The Tournament Director may allow anglers choice of launch site.  



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